Shareholders Vastned with a capital position of 3% or more

- A. van Herk 24.98%
- M. Ohayon 7.14%
- BlackRock Inc. 4.85%
- Baillie Gifford & Co 3.04%
- Société Fédérale de Participations et d'Investissement (SFPI) 3.02%

Notifications by Statutory Directors and Supervisory Board members

Pursuant to Dutch law, members of the Executive Board have to notify the Dutch Authority Financial Markets (AFM) of any transaction in Vastned Retail Financial Instruments concluded by or on behalf of them. The notified transactions are disclosed on the Authority Financial Markets (AFM) website. Click directly to the AFM database for information about notification by directors and supervisory board members regarding shares. You can search for Vastned or the name of the relevant person.

Currently the CEO of Vastned, Taco de Groot, owns 66,851 shares, Reinier Walta, CFO, owns 1,000 shares. Additionally Marc van Gelder (Chairman of the Supervisory Board) and Jeroen Hunfeld (Vice Chairman of the Supervisory Board) own respectively 7,100 and 1,400 shares of Vastned.

Total number of shares outstanding: